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Preparing for Your Next Great Adventure

Let’s face it: transitions can be difficult. The good news is they can bring extraordinary rewards, including opportunities to discover and rediscover your greatest hopes and dreams.

If you’re thinking about a move to a life enrichment community or need more care as your grow older, you do not need to think of it as something that shrinks your world. Instead, many people say they wish they had moved to a community like Praha Village sooner.

Below are some ideas for how to think and talk about change. Please feel free to add yours to the list!

  • Find a place that’s comfortable for you and your family, such as the living room or kitchen table.
  • Ask yourself or a loved one, “What are your dreams? What’s on your bucket list? What would you do if you had all the time and money in the world?
  • Ask, “What do you want to accomplish in the time you have left?”
  • What you learn may be surprising in the most wonderful way. Some people want to learn to paint, or cook like a gourmet chef or take tap dancing lessons. Praha Village can help make this possible by giving you more options, freedom and time.
  • Life enrichment communities also offer more social opportunities, as well as the chance to meet new friends after we’ve lost spouses or friends. If you see that a loved one is spending more time in front of the television than with others, you might mention how meeting new people could make life brighter and more interesting.
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Other ideas if you are talking with a parent or another family member:

If you are worried about someone you love, share your concerns. You may want to bring other family members into the discussions if appropriate. A sibling may have an idea you haven’t thought of—which can make a big difference in how the discussion goes.

At some point you will likely have to ask about finances, records and legal documents. While this can be difficult, it is too important to skip over.

It may be best to discuss wills, power of attorney and advance directives over the course of a few weeks or months, rather than trying to tackle everything at once. Emphasizing your desire to help your loved ones make their assets last is essential.

It’s also important to remember that during conversations with loved ones, you are not in charge. Approach them respectfully as a partner and involve them in any decisions that are to be made. If you are able to accompany them on visits to assisted living settings like Praha Village, your chances of success will grow.

Lastly, remember there are people who can help if contemplating change becomes difficult. Family members, friends and even professional social workers can help. Change does not have to be traumatic. Dreams and adventures still await, no matter what our physical ages may be.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans or veterans’ spouses may qualify for the Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance Pension (sometimes called the A&A Program). The pension was created to help veterans and surviving spouses who need help with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing and oral hygiene.

Assisted and supportive care in a care community qualifies as part of this program, whether care is provided by staff members or a third party. More information may be found here.